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Let me know if you have any problems or need help with the website!  Thank you again for such a great experience, I hope to return to Taipei someday and keep learning about permaculture at Yamana Garden!



My Experience at Yamana

For my first WWOOF'ing experience, I was looking for an opportunity to work at a permaculture farm and found Yamana Garden through the Taiwan WWOOF site. I stayed at the farm for 9 days in January 2010, and I had a great experience.  Yaman, the farmer and owner, is very kind and eager to teach people about the practice of permaculture, which emphasizes a holistic approach to farming.  It's a fascinating place to work for people interested in learning about plant synergies and ecosystem interactions. Yaman also has experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine and can show you a lot of interesting plants/herbs growing on the property. I had the opportunity to see many different aspects of the farm, from feeding pigs, to fermenting rice wines, to planting seedlings, grafting branches on trees, baking bread, and so much more.   As a vegetarian, one highlight was the wonderful farm fresh food at lunch and dinner. Yaman uses brown rice that he has grown organically himself, and it seemed that everyone volunteering at the farm has an uncanny ability to transform plants growing in the garden into wonderful stir-frys.  I also really enjoyed the area around the farm.  Yaman knows most of the local farmers, and I had the opportunity to visit other farms and see traditional forms of Taiwanese farming. For anyone seeking a slightly alternative approach to organic farming (specifically permaculture), I would highly recommend volunteering at Yamana Garden.


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